Rust prevention metal parts - RPM (Rust Prevention Magic) / WD40

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Hidden corrosion protection of bare steel parts There are always parts of a car, where the steel is polished but still you do not want to rust the piece. It can for example Galvanizing, but depending on it does not look very nice and is not even original. After I xxxxxxnr in the report on the Valiant project and the other cars that were prepared as original factory had read, I had to have the resources mentioned. RPM (Rust Prevention Magic) --------------------------- Cover image for The product has been developed by the men in question this project, it protects against rust bare parts, but it looks the part does not indicate that something is on it. Image lid open The agent looks at first glance almost of shoe polish. and it is very rewarding. Picture instructions The application is very simple. To the protected part is done with the hair dryer bit warm, then you bear the remedy is easy with a brush to apply a little more about it with the hairdryer and you have that protection. It is the whole thing after it has cooled a little polish with a cloth. The application is really quite simple, it shows slightly if you move your finger across the surface of something that is on it, but it is not visible and not too sticky WD40 ---- Picture WD 40 can WD40 has determined each in his shop and it is also very versatile. Before I had put the RPM, I have protected my bare parts with WD40. One Spray some of this agent on the part (shake well before) and rubbed it a bit with a rag. The part is now a little greasy, but if you lie down it to dry or dried with a hair dryer, so the rust is there, but the part is dry. Especially small parts, I have protected by the sand blasting in such a clean and stay that way for years even if they can not be varnishing degree. The Test: RPM to WD40 Now I have 2 products and wants to find out which is good because now better. I had to perform a little test. 8811 To test, I sanded 3 steel plates across the surface, thus enlarging the surface and the sheet is something really bright. The sheets are written by close links to the right RPM, WD40, and no protection. RPM I have applied as described above, with WD40 I a cloth and then rubbed the sheet dried with a hair dryer. 8855 Now I've dropped on it for 2 weeks every morning and evening water in the picture which is evaporated again. 8850 After 2 weeks, RPM and WD40 stainless sheets and the unprotected is pretty rusty. I was quite surprised how well WD40 has cut off, in any case relating to Price / performance winner. Still, for me the winner RPM. Man can represent it bad on the photo, the water drips at RPM better than WD40 and when applied there is no such graffiti as WD40. This is of course no long-term study, but for the ones where RPM is too expensive to use WD40 which at least provides a corrosion protection, you want to reach an even better, I can recommend RPM (Rust Prevention Magic) only. Relate to the product in the United States is at

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