Ford Model A Pickup Restoration August 2005

The engine is fixed to the frame but there are still some other parts which has to be mounted to the engine.

The best point to lift up the engine is the point visible in the picture. This will be the best fixing point with or without the mounted gear box.

To connect the gear box with the engine I had to lift up the engine first and then I could mount the screws. The steel section which is used to lift up the engine is connected to the motor through the two outer threads of the spark plugs. A slight inclination makes it easier to put the engine into the frame.

Take care that you don't scratch the newly painted oil pan.

Connect the universal joint to the drive shaft.

Finished, the engine is fixed to the frame but there was a lot of work to do until I was on this point. I put the engine on rubber to absorb vibrations, but these items didn't fit and I had to do a lot of work until I could settle down the engine.

I used rubber pads to fix the engine into the frame in order to get a smoother running of the engine and less vibrations but these parts were badly made. It was my fault that I did not measure the parts before mounting and before painting them. So I did all the changes during the mounting process. Later I will put a description about these changes onto the modification site.

This is a detailed view. On the left hand side you see the U-profile of the frame and on the right side the engine. In the middle are the thick rubber pads which reduces the vibrations of the engine.

The water pump was the next item I mounted to the engine.

The gear shift lever is just temporarily fixed to the gear box.

This is the starter. The switch on top of it will be pushed by feet.

Finally the heavy duty cooler is mounted.

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