Ford Model A Pickup Restoration March 2005

This month the flywheel housing and the flywheel are mounted.

First I mounted the timing gear cover on the front part of the engine.

It is important that you don't forget the bolt and spring on the inside of that part. This will keep the crankshaft in its position. Otherwise the camshaft can move to the front.

The crankshaft seal on the front is a modern type as you can see. The contact surface on the pulley must be polished otherwise the seal will be destroyed very rapidly.

This part has cost me totally 9 hours of time until I could it fix in the right position. It is the flywheel housing which is mounted on the rear side of the engine. The problem is than it must be mounted that its 100% aligned with the crankshaft. If this is not the case, your engine can run very roughly and the bearings can be damaged too. My advise is to take time an make a serious job or you will ruin all the work you have done until now.

Don't forget the part on top for the carburet throttle controls.

The alignment of the part is done with horseshoe shims on top, you see them on the following picture. In my case I have also used additional paper shims each 0,05 mm thick. I have used baking paper witch can resist high temperatures and oil is also no problem for this paper. But be careful because what you see here on the picture cal only be done if the crankshaft bushing is closed as it is in my case. Otherwise you will loose oil for sure. For details have a look at … (will follow soon)

These are the mentioned horseshoe shims. There is a lot of try and error until you find the correct size.

With this tool I've spent 9 hours until the fit was perfect. The tool is fixed to the crankshaft and on the outside you can measure the gap to the flywheel housing with a feeler gauge. If you do a 360 degree turn of the crankshaft the gap in my case is within 0,10 mm. I have experimented with approximately 20 different versions, until I got the final version.

After all screws were tighten up using the correct torque, I secured them with a wire lock.

The following steps were easier because everything fitted perfectly. It is best to mount the flywheel the same way as it was before, but this is only possible when you have marked the position at the time of disassembling. The concentricity was measured with a dial indicator and it shows no wobble because the measure gave a perfect result with +/- 0,01 mm.

The clutch disk is a modern type and it is hold in its position by a special tool.

Next comes the pressure plate which is mounted to the flywheel.

If you don't own a special centering tool, you can use also the main gear shift drive gear of the transmission.

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