Ford Model A Pickup Restoration February 2005

This month the missing cam shaft and valves were installed. I did some modifications which can be found here: Modifications

The valves of a Ford Model A have not the shape what modern cars have. The shaft side is not straight but it is thicker at the end. This makes it necessary that we use valve guides which can be divided in 2 parts. Some novice will get confused when he should remove a valve.

But with the right tool it is an easy job to remove the valve guides. Just push it down but be careful that you don't bend a valve.

From this view you see the construction of the tool.

For grinding the valves you need valve grinding compound and a valve lapping tool.

Then put some grinding compound onto the valve seats put the lapping tool onto the valve and move it between your hands just as you would make fire with a piece of wood.

These are the valve seats before grinding.

And this is how they look after grinding, a perfect fit over the whole surface of the seat.

Not everybody owns a vacuum gauge to prove the leak tightness of the valves. An easy and cheaper way is to light on top of the valves with a flashlight and look from inside if there comes a light through.

This is the cam shaft with the gear already mounted.

If everything fits, remove the camshaft again, because the valves and the tappet must be mounted first. for the final assembly it is very important that the two gears fit together were the two marks are visible, otherwise the engine will hardly run.

The rear camshaft bushing is normally open and can loose oil. I will not that this happens on my engine. therefore I decided to close the rear camshaft bushing. Details can be read on page Camshaft Bushing Cover .

On this picture you see on the right hand side the original tappet, in the middle the self locking types and on the left the double lock style. For my engine I decided to use the version in the middle. I have tried it with the version on the left but there were some difficulties with these types.

More details can be found on the 'modifications' page called Tappets .

If you want to avoid that all tappets fall down you can work as follows. Just oil the tappets very well and secure the top with a wire (just wrap around). Now it's an easy job to insert the camshaft.

After the camshaft is in its position, remove the wire.

To insert the valve springs, you can use a tool like this to compress the spring. Be careful that you don't bend the valve shaft.

The valve clearance can be checked in closed position of the valve (left). To adjust it, it must be in upper position like it is on the right hand side.

The main job is finished, what comes now is the mounting of some attachment parts.

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