Ford Model A Pickup Restoration April 2005

This month the water pump and the emergency brake handle were finished. I have spent a lot of time too for searching some spare parts. I couldn't find them and therefore it was necessary to organize the spare parts in a way that they can be found easier.

First I balanced the propeller of the water pump with this tool. As it was balanced I could start with the assembling.

The water pump is completely modified. At the rear I use a needle bearing with a triple seal and the front bearing is also a modern type. I hope that the pump is sealed and will not sped water over the engine.

Finely the propeller is set on top and the pump is ready to install.

On the emergency brake handle first I had to press in my self made button.

Then the remaining items were mounted and everything secured with stainless split pins.

Now the gearbox is finally assembled and ready to install to the engine.

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