Ford Model A Pickup Restoration February 2006

This month I did mainly some sheet metal repair work.

Some part I had to disassemble first like this one. The upper part is the gas tank.

I will set it back to the original state and had to close some very unpleasant holes like this one here. On my Tips & Tricks site I have described how this can be done very easily. Just have a look at (available soon) Tips & Tricks .

These are some sheet metals which I have cleaned roughly and bumped out. Some parts of the sheet metal were to rusty why I replaced it partly.

One part I have replaced you can see here.

Also this one was too rusty.

First I cut the rusty part with a Dremel supported with a small friction disk. The new sheet metal must fit perfectly and can then be fixed with a MIG welder. Then I weld it autogenously.

After welding it has to be grinded.

All sheet metals are repaired and ready for sandblasting.

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