Ford Model A Pickup Restoration December 2004

Since I have the spare parts for the generator and starter I cold continue with these two items.

On the left hand side the generator and on the right the starter. Both I have tested on a 6V battery and everything seems to be all right. Connected with a 6V Battery, the ^generator should turn slowly. If this happens, the chance is 90% that it will produce power later when mounted in the car.

First I finished the starter. This is the armature assembly.

Now the connection from the starter field coil to the cover plate (starter brushes) are made.

Two of the brushings which are connected to the cover can only be mounted when the cover plate is nearly closed because the copper wires are not very long.

To tighten the big screws I made a special tool. It is built from an old allen wrench. You can tighten the screw very strong but you will get no damage on the screw head.

Now both cover palates can be fixed and finally the 'Bendix' starter can be put on the shaft.

This is the armature of the generator.

On top of the picture you see that the windings are bent a little bit. This must be done this way since a long screw will go through an connect the two cover plates.

Here you also must be careful that the screws will not make a short circuit later.

The windings are connected to the brushes.

These openings are covered later with a band cover. Actually it must still be accessible because by moving one brush you can change the amount of current the generator will bring. This can be done not until the engine is running.

Finally I put the wheel on and the generator is nearly finished. All black parts you can see are powder coated.

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