Ford Model A Pickup Restoration December 2003

I made a step further in assembling my car. In December I could put the rear axle together.

These are all parts belonging to the differential. The bearings are all new.

In order to mount a bearing, I leave it for approximately 10 minutes on a 100 W lamp. This will heat the bearing and enlarge the diameter of the inner bore. This way the mounting of the bearing can be done easily without any force.

For shrinking I put the bearing stored in a plastic bag for a day in the freezer.

The differential is mounted so far, what I need is a differential locking tool to set the preload of the bearings. The preload for new bearings is 20 inch pounds (2,26 NM) and this can only be measured when I can lock the differential. On my Tips & Tricks site ) Differential Locker ) you can find a description how my tool works and how you can build it yourself.

With the differential locked, you can put both axle housings together.

After the second housing is mounted, the torque can be measured at the axle. If the preload has to be adjusted it will be done with more or less paper seals.

When the preload is within the specification the rear axle must be disassembled again. Now the drive shaft will be mounted and adjusted for the right torque.

Is the preload correct the lock washer is bent over the mother to secure it form loosening.

If this is finished, the final assembly work can continue, i.e. right and left side of the differential housing can be mounted with the axle and differential inside.

Finished! The rear axle is mounted so far.

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