Ford Model A Pickup Restoration January 2003

Actually I'm preparing all the parts which will be sandblasted later. Most of the job is cleaning them from grease and dirt an also a rough removing of the old color with a scraper. This way the upcoming sandblasting job will be easier and faster.

The engine block is in machine shop to do the bore and hone work on the cylinders, but also mill the valve seats.

You wouldn't expect that this is my carburetor. All the oil and dirt has conserved it perfectly during the past years, just wait until I have cleaned it. It is not the original Zenith one, this is a Solex 30AKV and was installed at the end of the 40's. I will rebuild this Solex and will not change it with a Zenith version.

Roughly cleaned and you see that it is in a good condition. Next month you will see how it looks like when the rebuild has finished.

This box filled with parts are all ready for sandblasting.

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