Ford Model A Pickup Restoration May 2003

Since my old sandblasting cabinet was not very useful for me, I decided to build a new one which should be better and bigger.

My new one now is 100% dust-proof and I can sandblast bigger parts in it. For details have a look at the sandblasting cabinet site where you will find more pictures and also a document which describes how to build such a cabinet by yourself.

Both rear drums were worn and I have ordered new ones. To mount these drums to the hub you have to forge the 5 hub bolt with approximately 10 tons.

Here you see the difference, on the left hand side how it looks before and on the right side how it looks after forging.

This is the front brake drum before sandblasting.

They look like new after sandblasting (with my new cabinet).

After sandblasting don't forget to use a primer coating immediately to protect the steel from rust. I is evident to do this job immediately or you will start again with sandblasting the following day.

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